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Dear Friend,

The once leaders of the multifarious affluence and grandeur of Kerala, the Nair Community today has sought refuge in far-off lands, in search of livelihood, bereft of all the nobility. We become entitled for the "Nair" status only when we establish the community traditions. Only when we precipitate the Nair culture and social class into our lives, we really became "Nair".

A decade ago, it was difficult for the Nair community members to accomplish their community needs in Thane and its hinterlands. While eliminating this deficiency, the objective behind the formation of the Nair Welfare Association has been to hand over without weeding out, the cultural values, to the progeny and make a platform for the community members to get in touch with each other and communicate to be of assistance to each other as much as possible. Without budging from that selfish objective, the Association will always give priority to Social services that will benefit the society as a whole.

In the face of the changing political and social environment, there have been to scheming efforts from various quarters to obliterate the Nair community out of many scenarios. It has, therefore, become imperative to propagate a novel force and implement actions lo restore the bygone glory. Our leaders in authority are incapable of assuaging the suffering of fraility of our brethren. It is high time that we woke up and acted to end the dubious efforts of those eyeing the votebanks of organised sections of the society to repel the Nair community from all perspectives. Time has proved that it is absurd to expect external help for our suffering brethren. To eliminate their misery, to hold their heads high and lift them up to impel them into the forefront of the society, we should jointly contribute our resources and verve.

We earnestly solicit your assistance and co-operation for all the efforts put in by Nair Welfare Association, Thane, for the above purpose.

Yours truly,
(Sreekanth Nair)
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