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Women’s Role In Community Development
Smt Radha G Kurup

The expression Behind every successful man there is a woman has became a cliché. A majority may feel it rather preposterous to suggest that there is any case for the women behind the successful men need to be a successful one. Educating a woman is educating the whole family. Thus in the absence of the development of the person of the woman, how could be the development of the family take place and in turn the development of the community?

For the woman, to play a vital role in the development of the community at large, she has to be a model for other women and the younger generation, be it the girls or the boys in their early teenage years. More and more women need to climb the ladder of success. Already there is a general perception that the females are more honest and committed in their work. It may just be a perception, but believe it or not, I have seen that it is to a great extent true. Kiran Bedi, the first women IPS officer of the Country had proved that decision making and will and gut of a woman could be far more than a man. She made the people aware that a community could benefit by greater participation of women in the society other than just the usual family walls. It was for the first time in Kerala that all the women in a state in India were 100% literate, but how could one explain the absence of one chief-Minister of the state never being a woman? The women of Kerala were the first to take the initiative of driving buses and rickshaws though people could have read stories and tales of tangewalis. P T Usha is a pride not only for Kerala but also for an entire nation. She is inspiration for the woman who think they are weak in terms of physique and body power.

I do make a humble but assertive request to the women of our community as well as to the women of this world at large to come out of the girdle of thoughts and to give a part of their time for the awakening of the spirit of friendship, love, brotherhood and care and to make this world a better place to live in.
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