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Types of Membership

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Thane NWA has four types of membership - Patron Membership, Life Membership, Associate Membership (for spouse) and Honorary Membership. All are memberships for life time. However, Patron members enjoy certain privileges. At present, the fees charged for the membership are Rs 5000/-, Rs 1000/- and 250 respectively for Patron, Life and Associate Membership. Apart from this, there is an admission fee of Rs 101.

Please note that Thane NWA does not have any monthly or yearly subscription.

How to join?
Nairs above 18 years of age (see the definition of Nair below) who are residents of Thane City or its adjoining areas and desirous of joining Thane NWA may please contact the Association office with any of the following:
  • Transfer certificate from the previous NSS Karayogam
  • Transfer certificate/ acceptance of resignation from a recognized Nair organization
  • Reference from any of the members of Thane NWA.

Eligible persons will be given membership form which needs to be filled in by the prospective member and the requisite fee needs to be paid. If the Managing Committee, after due diligence, is satisfied, s/he is admitted in to Thane NWA.

Since the area of operation of the Association is vast, the Managing Committee, with a view to provide maximum service to all the members and to keep them informed of the day-to-day activities of the Association, has created unit committees in a democratic way with specific areas of operation. Presently six unit committees are in operation. They are:
(1) Kishan Nagar
(2) Shree Nagar/Shanti Nagar
(3) Savarkar Nagar/ Vartak Nagar
(4) Kolbad/Brindavan/Majiwada/Balkum/Dokkali
(5) Vasant Vihar / Godbunder Road
(6) Other Unit.

In the near future there may be few more units as the membership spreads to other areas of the city.

All these committees meet periodically to chalk out their programs and the conveners of the sub-committees and the unit secretaries regularly present their reports to the Managing Committee for its approval. The Managing Committee meets every fourth Sunday of the month at 7:30 PM in the Association office on a regular basis. Those members who wish to observe this regular Managing Committee Meeting or the Mahila Vedi meeting can remain present for the same with the permission of the President/ Convener.

Definition of Nair
Those who belong to the following race/ caste/ creed/ community by birth, descent, registration, naturalization or conversion may be considered to be a Nair for the purpose of membership of Nair Welfare Association, Thane:

Achan Kurup Panicker
Adiyodi Mannadiar Pillai
Asan Marar Pothuval
Elayidom Menokki Saamoothiri
Eradi Menon Thampi
Ilayidam Nair Thankkal
Kaimal Nambiar Unnithan
Karnavar Nayanar Valiathan
Kartha Nayar Vallilath
Kunnath Nedungadi Vazhunnor
Kitavu Padanayar Vellodi
Kunji Pandala  

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